Poland among the top 10 European countries attractive to foreign students

Poland has entered for the first time the top ten European countries most attractive to foreign students. The winner of the ranking prepared by Study.eu was Germany.

The top places in the ranking went to Germany, the UK and France. Poland was ranked 10th this year. It is the only new entrant into this year's top ten. Last year, Poland had a lower position - it was among the five countries between the 16th and 20th place.

"Polish universities have consistently increased the availability of English-taught study options. No wonder, then, that the number of foreign students in Poland has exploded from just 12,000 to over 65,000 in the past ten years" - reads the report.

The authors of the ranking compared 30 European countries. The selection was not limited to the European Union countries, but also included Norway, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

The following countries have positions above Poland in the ranking: the Netherlands (4th place), Russia (5th), Switzerland (6th), Sweden (7th), Belgium (8th) and Italy (9th place).

Three groups of indicators were evaluated: "Education", "Cost" and "Life & Career".

In the "Education" section (45 percent of the total score), the authors evaluated the countries' performance in global rankings (QS, THE, AGWU). They also analysed teaching quality indicators, as well as the number of study programs taught in English.

Poland recorded the largest growth in this part of the ranking, boosting it to the top 10.

The second indicator was "Cost" (30% of the total score). The authors analysed the average cost of living in a given country and the average tuition for persons from the European Union or the European Economic Area, and for persons from outside these areas. The lower the costs, the better.

Poland was best in the "Cost" section of the ranking. According to the report, the average annual cost of living and studying in Poland is around 7,000 euros, while in the most expensive country in the ranking - the UK - the average annual cost reaches 23 thousand euros.

The third indicator - "Life & Career" (25% of the total score) takes into account the quality of life and career opportunities of foreign graduates. This indicator also includes safety for the first time in the history of the ranking.

The winner of the ranking - Germany - received 80.7 points (out of 100 possible), Poland scored 60.1. Italy (60.2) and Belgium (60.4) were only slightly better than Poland.

Study.EU Country Ranking is published once a year. The website Study.eu (prepared by a private company with headquarters in Hamburg) has information about over 7.5 thousand study programs throughout Europe.

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