100 x Independence

In 2018, a special year in which Poland and many other countries celebrate anniversaries of their independence, the Poster Museum in Wilanów is hosting an extraordinary exhibition prepared by the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in cooperation with 17 artistic design schools from all over the world. Their aim is to answer the question of how design students interpret the meaning of the word “independence”.

The project was initiated at the PJAIT in Warsaw with seminars and workshops led by an international group of lectures. Supervised by teachers, students created printed and animated posters. Each institute organized a competition and sent their best works. The result: 100 representatives of the young generation voicing their contemporary interpretation of the concept of ‘independence’. They present their own definitions and perspectives, based on various cultural contexts and historical experiences.

Participant schools and universities:

Argentina: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Belgium: MAD, Hasselt

China: Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA, Beijing

Finland: Aalto University, Helsinki

Ecuador: La Factoría and Universidad de las Artes del Ecuador, Guayaquil

Germany: University of Applied Arts, Mainz

Greece: TEI, Athens

India: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Israel: Besalel Art University, Jerusalem

Japan: Osaka Art University, Osaka

South Korea: Namseoul University, Soul

New Zealand: Massey University College of Creative Arts, Wellington

Poland: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw

Russia: Higher Academic School of Design, Moscow

South Africa: Stellenbosch University, Johannesburg

Switzerland: Geneva School of Art and Design, Geneve

Ukraine: Industrial Arts Institute, Kharkov

USA: MassArt, Boston

USA: RISD, Providence

The exhibition is open until May 15th 2018 at the Poster Museum at Wilanów, which is the oldest institution of its kind in the world. At present the museum collection contains some 36,000 titles in the Section Polish Posters and nearly 25,000 titles in the Section Foreign Posters.