Stradivarius in the hands of a Polish virtuoso

In May 2018 the first Stradivarius in post-war Poland was handed over to the virtuoso Janusz Wawrowski, considered the most outstanding Polish violinist of his generation.

The precious instrument will be stored in a vault and displayed at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The patron of the art who decided to buy the instrument is one of the wealthiest Poles who wishes to remain anonymous. By purchasing and sharing this exceptional violin, he wants to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its Independence.

Stadivarius - this one word evokes a rush of excitement around the world. For good reason. The instrument, created by the famous luthier, is worth millions of dollars. Instruments of this class give incomparable sound. They can be capricious, like a living organism, and can only be played by the most seasoned virtuosos.

For years, Wawrowski dreamed about this class of violin coming to Poland, believing that their absence marginalises Polish artists on the international stage. "This Stradivarius is much more than a great violin,” Wawrowski said. “It is the ambassador of our music in the world. Its story and amazing sound spark immediate interest whenever I mention it and whenever it appears."

Before the World War, Poland had several Stradivarius violins. Unfortunately, all of these extremely valuable instruments were removed, sold or confiscated. Now, for the first time in the post-war history of Poland, we have “our own" Stradivarius. What's more, it is an absolutely unique instrument!

Many details about these violins are shrouded in mystery. They come from the best period of Antonio Stradivarius’ career. They remained in the hands of private owners for years. They were used for concerts only once a year. Thanks to this, it is currently one of the best-preserved Stradivarius violins in the world. A thorough examination of this 333-year-old instrument showed that all its elements are original and there is not even one crack on them. The violin was made in 1685, in the year that Johann Sebastian Bach was born. The authenticity of the violin has been confirmed by certificates.

Source: Polish Press Agency (PAP)