Thai royal pianos renovated in Poland

Three 19th-century grand pianos belonging to the Thai royal collection have undergone a thorough makeover in Poland.

Sylwester Kowalczyk, from a piano workshop in Piotrów near the western city of Kalisz, has told that the renovation took 10 months to complete by a 20-strong team.

“It was a highly difficult undertaking in view of the errors made in the previous renovation of one of the instruments and the need to take into account the tropical climatic conditions in which the pianos will be used,” he said.

Before the instruments are dispatched on a return journey to Bangkok, short recitals are planned in Kalisz on Thursday and Friday to demonstrate the pianos’ sound to the public.

The oldest of the pianos, made by John Broadwood & Sons, dates from 1884. The other two are an Eavestaff from around 1890 and a Ronisch dating from 1892.

Source: thenews.pl