Triumph for Polish ice boat veteran

Veteran Polish ice boat competitor Karol Jabłoński has won the DN World Championships in the US, taking his 11th championship title.

Third place in the competition on Lake Kegonsa near Madison, Wisconsin, went to his countryman Michał Burczyński.

Jabłoński, 53, said after his win on Wednesday: “I’m very pleased and proud of the style in which I competed.”

He added: "Time doesn’t stand still. The clock is ticking, but I have reason to be happy that I’m like wine - the older it is, the better it gets...”

On the last day of the championships, races were called off because of a thick a layer of wet snow on the ice, Jabłoński said, adding that the competition ended with the three events held on the first day.

Source: PAP, thenews.pl