The Best Polish Illustrators: POSTER. Polish poster exhibition at Polish Institute in Vienna

The Polish Institute in Vienna has launched “The Best Polish Illustrators: POSTER,” an exhibition organised in collaboration with the Warsaw-based SLOW Foundation. The exhibition features over 40 works of the famous Polish school of posters. The exhibition at the p_art gallery of the Polish Institute in Vienna is open until 21 September 2018.

“The Best Polish Illustrators: POSTER” displays the works of outstanding modern Polish poster artists. The works of Polish poster masters, their disciples, followers, as well visionaries, innovators, and revolutionaries tell the colourful and multidimensional history of Polish poster.

© Instytut Polski w Wiedniu.jpg The event’s special guest was Bartosz Klonowski of the SLOW Foundation, who recounted the history behind the Best Polish Illustrators, an interesting example of a crowdfunding project, and talked about selected works on display at the p_art Polish Institute gallery in Vienna.

The vernissage also presented “The Best Polish Illustrators: POSTER” accompanying album, a third one of “The Best Polish Illustrators” series, which was prepared by the SLOW Foundation as part of a multi-volume publication dealing with the work of the living Polish illustrators. It’s a unique album showcasing the most illustrious works by 52 top artists in the POSTER category.

“As was the case with previous publications, also this time with this volume we tried to meet the expectations of artistic community and wide audiences. We paid particular attention to the subject matter and the choice of works that would be representative of a given artistic means. We hope we’ve succeeded in fully showing the multidimensional nature of this fascinating language of art, the poster,” Bartosz Klonowski said at the exhibition launch.

Poster is regarded as one of the most important genres of artistic expression in the history of Poland’s art. It’s a form that is very strongly rooted in the real world and strongly focused on dialogue with the viewer. The poster is to communicate a specific message to the viewer but also sway him. Artists use a variety of stylistic measures such as typographic experiments, gaudy compositions, photomontage, and collage to attract attention.

The exhibition at the p_art gallery of the Polish Institute in Vienna is open until 21 September 2018.

Source: Polish Institute in Vienna