Everything Is Art to Me

Can contemporary art delight a child? Can you step in the shoes of an artist and play with art? Yes, now especially at Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw where you can experience art not only through observing but also by creating at the amazing Everything Is Art to Me exhibition.

The project has been put together primarily for children and parents, as well as those who do not feel comfortable in contemporary art galleries. It is intended to encourage those who do not understand modern art, or are ashamed to admit it.

Everything Is Art to Me at Zachęta The exhibition is divided into two parts: the museum and the freestyle creative. The central part is a cube build inside the gallery, filled with artists’ works, surrounded by an artistic playground with tasks for children, referring to the works presented.

Children will find out that they can do all sorts of things: peel potatoes in the gallery like Julita Wójcik, embroider samples like Monika Drożyńska, stick colourful tapes to the wall like Edward Krasiński, devote their life to painting numbers like Roman Opałka, throw dice like Ryszard Winiarski, or paint their whole body black like Aneta Grzeszykowska.

Most of the works were not created with a child audience in mind. Works from the canon of Polish contemporary art were chosen to affect the imagination and recall experiences known to every child. Their form and stories about their creation should pique the interest not only of children but also adult visitors. This form of presentation helps familiarise Everything Is Art to Me at Zachęta children with contemporary art and helps them remember the most important phenomena in Polish art. But most importantly – it is fun. 

It should be emphasized that organizers treat the youngest viewers seriously — they do not explain, they do not give hints, they do not impose a way to understand works of art, instead they encourage visitors to think and express their own opinions. Through fun, workshops and meetings with artists, they want to bring the world of contemporary art closer to children and their guardians.

Source: Zachęta / Ewa Solarz