#krakowice2018: XII Annual Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Over 350 delegates from 160 cities from 64 countries around the world engaged in discussions, plenary sessions, artistic events and important decisions. On June 12-15, 2018, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network will meet in Krakowice2018! For the first time in Poland and in the history of the Network, the Annual Meeting will be organized by two cities - Kraków UNESCO City of Literature and Katowice UNESCO City of Music.

"Creative Crossroads", a meeting of cultures, experiences and best practice leading to creative exchange, innovative solutions and mutual inspiration. The Annual Meetings are the best platforms for inspiring and strategic conversations, during which city representatives join forces on global projects and programs that aim to improve the quality of life of residents and to contribute to the achievement of the goals of Agenda 2030, such as the eradication of poverty, ensuring equal access to education, equality, security and general well-being. The guiding principle behind the meetings is that culture and creativity are key factors in the development of cities. Representatives of seven creative fields (literature, music, film, media arts, design, crafts and folk art and gastronomy) will participate both in formal discussions, concerning network development strategies as well as in workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities between the international and local sectors. Individual cities will also present completed projects and share good practices.


Annual Meetings are compulsory for UNESCO Creative Cities Network members and have so far been hosted in Chengdu / China, Kanazawa / Japan, Östersund / Sweden and Enghien les Bains / France, among others. What distinguishes this year's Annual Meeting is the cooperation between Krakow UNESCO City of Literature and Katowice UNESCO City of Music on the organization of this prestigious event. This work reflects the strong conviction that together, through macro-regional and international creative and interdisciplinary cooperation, much more can be achieved.




We invite you to take part in accompanying events that are open to the public, including the Miłosz Festival, Days of Bread, Gazeta Wyborcza Reporters' Debate, Gardens of Sounds World Music Festival, Creative Cities and Industries Conference, ElectroKilar Concert.

Source: Krakowice.com