A city bathed in light – this is what Lodz looks like during the annual Light.Move.Festival. Every autumn the city’s historic tenements light up with colourful illuminations. Building façades become the stage for 2D and 3D mappings as well as animations that last for several minutes. The light shows are accompanied by concerts and workshops.

8108335676_42bebc9b99_o.jpg The concept of the festival was formulated at the turn of 2009 and 2010. Its initiators, Beata Konieczniak and Norbert Wasserfuth-Grzybowski, drew inspiration from the city’s industrial architecture. Since February 2011 the festival has been organized by the Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation, which in Latin means ‘light for monuments’. ‘Lodz is a city of contrasts that intrigues you with every step you take here,’ the organizers describe the place. ‘It lies right in the heart of Poland at the intersection of main motorways, and its cultural and artistic potential attracts more and more tourists.’

It is also this unique atmosphere of the city that makes Light.Move.Festival one of the biggest festivals of light in Europe. Every year thousands of tourists come to Lodz to see light installations of dozens of artists. The 2018 edition, devoted to the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence, was attended by 700 thousand guests that could admire installations arranged on a route which was over 15 kilometres long. The fusion of picture, movement and sound transforms the well-known streets and houses. City parks, squares, and fountains are also submerged in art and take on new colours.