Traditonal Kutia

Traditional kutia is cooked wheat with poppyseeds, raisins and almonds. Poppyseeds traditionally symbolise abundance and fertility. It was also considered an unusual ingredient due to its hallucinogenic properties. That is why Polish tradition, there must be at least one dish with poppy seeds on the Christmas table. Why not try kutia?


  1. Rinse wheat, drain, scald with boiling water and let stand overnight. Next day, bring to the boil, drain, add fresh water and cook until tender (3-4 hours).
  2. Drain again. Rinse poppy seeds, scald with boiling water, drain and mince using fine mincer plate.
  3. Combine with warmed-up, melted honey, castor sugar and Amaretto liqueur or almond extract.
  4. Add chopped raisins and almonds, stir in sweet cream and refrigerate several hours.




* Check the source of your wheat kernels. If they are shop-bought, they may have been pre-softened (partially pre-cooked)) and do not require long cooking. Wheat kernels obtained directly from the countryside or from a mill require longer cooking.


In the quick version, the cooked kernels may be combined with the poppyseed mixture and sweet cream.



You will find an original recipe in Polish HERE.