"A growing, maturing start-up baby tiger"* – the PFR School of Pioneers

The PFR School of Pioneers, an international programme for young technological visionaries from all over Poland, is now up and running. It will be attended by 50 individuals who over four weeks will develop theoretical and practical business skills under the watchful eye of the best trainers. The objective is to strengthen the key competences of young entrepreneurs that will help them build an innovative market.

The first edition of the PFR School of Pioneers will be attended by 50 people selected from over 300 applicants. The inauguration of the programme took place last Monday. Since that day, its participants will for three weeks develop competences necessary for running a modern business. They will spend the last week at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, where they will take part in specialist workshops.

The organisers stress that cooperation with the British university will help enable the transfer of knowledge to Poland. The scheme has been divided into two streams: the internet of things and artificial intelligence as well as intelligent cities and clean technologies. The workshops, which will take place in Warsaw in typical start-up locations, including co-working spaces, will be based on the latest teaching methods and will seek to equip participants with skills that will allow them to compete unhindered within international markets. Teaching is to be based on contact with successful entrepreneurs who will share their experience and business know-how with young people.

The main organiser of the programme is the Polish Development Fund – a group of financial and advisory institutions supporting enterprises, local governments and individuals – whose goal is balanced social and economic development. Partners of the School of Pioneers include large technology companies, experts from innovative sectors of the economy and successful start-ups. Supervision over the programme is carried out by the PFR Programme Board led by Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of the Innovation Development Department at PFR, with whom you can read Poland.pl’s interview below. The Board consists of experienced businessmen and internationally recognised academics who work with technology on a daily basis.

The programme is designed to produce concrete projects that participants will be able to present to investors later this year. And the PFR is already planning the next editions of the School of Pioneers. According to the creators, in the long term it will serve to further the development of the Polish innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which was one of the important goals of the so-called Morawiecki Plan.


*quote from Eliza Kruczkowska’s Poland.pl interview about Polish start-up market. Read the whole article ➡️