Poland 3rd on the list of the 20 best countries to invest in

Poland came in 3rd place on the ranking of the top 20 countries for investment published by U.S. News & World Report. The ranking is based on 8 attributes: entrepreneurship, dynamism, corruption, economic stability, favourable tax environment, innovation, skilled labour and technological expertise.


The list is part of the comprehensive 2018 Best Countries ranking, released by U.S. News.

The authors surveyed over 21,000 people in about 80 countries around the world. In the part focused on investment, U.S. News took into account scores primarily from more than 6,000 business decision makers.


Why Poland?

According to the ranking, the World Bank predicts that the Polish economy will be in good condition despite regional problems caused by Brexit and the refugee crisis in Europe. Moreover the Polish trade economy is closely tied to Germany. The assembly plants of many automotive concerns operate in Poland. Polish government supports the aerospace sector, as well as the electronics and energy industries believing that these sectors will provide opportunities for further development.


List of the 20 best countries to invest in

1. Philippines

2. Indonesia

3. Poland

4. Malaysia

5. Singapore

6. Australia

7. Spain

8. Thailand

9. India

10. Oman

11. Czech Republic

12. Finland

13. Uruguay

14. Turkey

15. Ireland

16. Netherlands

17. United Kingdom

18. Brazil

19. France

20. Chile



Sources: usnews.com, businessinsider.com