Poland could reap benefits of 5G technology

Investment and Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński has said that a revolution in telecommunications technology due to 5G could boost Poland’s GDP by up to a fifth.

Kwieciński attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one of the largest exhibitions of its type in the world. 5G technology is expected to enable faster data transfers, with predicted peak download speeds of 10 Gb/s.

Kwieciński said: “The main topic of this event is 5G technology, thanks to which it is estimated that Poland’s GDP could increase in the near future by even 13 to 22 percent.”

The 2018 Mobile World Congress has seen a larger Polish presence than in previous years, with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and around 60 Polish firms attending the exhibition.

Kwieciński added: “We’d like to see Polish firms start to exploit this opportunity to a greater extent than previously. Our presence here shows that the Polish government is supporting this sector.”

Investment in digital technology and infrastructure is one of the ten economic development priorities that were announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki last year.

Source: thenews.pl