Poland's standard of living rises fast

The standard of living in Poland has improved faster than in countries located in the south of Europe and even in some rich western European nations, according to this year's edition of the sustainable development index SEDA, the Rzeczpospolita daily wrote.

The SEDA, or Sustainable Economic Development Assessment, is a measure used by Boston Consulting Group to assess and compare the quality of life in 162 countries across the world.

Norway once again topped the ranking, but Poland was placed relatively high, in the 30th place, just behind Spain and ahead of some countries with a higher GDP, including Italy, Rzeczpospolita reported.

Poland was once again among the five countries that make the best use of their economic development, or most effectively translate the growth of their wealth into an improved standard of living of their citizens.

As a result, the standard of living in Poland is not much different anymore from that in southern European countries, Rzeczpospolita said.

Source: PAP