Poland-Ukraine. Traces of historical heritage

Castles, fortresses, churches - a historical heritage shared by Poland and Ukraine will be portrayed in an aerial shots. The joint Polish-Ukrainian project consists of 100 short film productions depicting architectural monuments that were created in the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Poland-Ukraine. Traces of historical heritage The film documentation will cover the most famous places - such as the fortress in Kamieniec Podolski, Chocim, Zbaraz and Lvov, as well as less well known spots such as the castle in Podhorce, Pomorzany and Zolochiv. Many of them are falling into disrepair. Historic fortresses, castles, palaces and churches - they are testimony to the size of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth,” said Bartosz Musiałowicz, the director of the Polish Institute in Kyiv and the initiator of the project.

“The aim of the project is to show the scale and size of this heritage, and at the same time the potential of the country in which this legacy was created,” Musiałowicz added.

A Polish-Ukrainian team consisting of historians, journalists, writers, non-governmental organisations and youth joined forces to create the films. The series of short documentary films will be screened in both Poland and Ukraine. The project is implemented by the Europe-East Integration Association in cooperation with the Polish Institute in Kyiv and the Ukrainian Communication Group. It was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

Posts documenting the project’s making-off will be published on a specially created website and YouTube channel. Updates regarding the creation of the series can also be found on the project’s Facebook profile.