UK police praise Polish truck art

UK police have taken to Twitter to praise artwork painted on a Polish truck.

A group of pilots of No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron RAF, They are (left to right): Pilot Officer Mirosław Ferić, Flying Officers Bogdan Grzeszczak, Pilot Officer Jan Zumbach, Flying Officer Zdzisław Henneberg and Flight-Lieutenant John Kent, Oct. 1940 “Incredible artwork tribute to Polish Squadron that fought in the Battle of Britain & WW2,” Police from Kent, in southeastern England, said.

The truck, belonging to freight company Repiński, features art commemorating the 303 Squadron, which is considered by many the best air force unit to take part in the Battle of Britain from 10 July to 31 October 1940.

The predominantly Polish 303 squadron of Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) proved highly effective in battle, destroying more enemy aircraft than any other RAF formation.

Some 145 pilots fought in four Polish squadrons in the RAF. Poles made up about five percent of all pilots on the British side but brought about 12 percent of all losses to Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

By the close of the war, almost 20,000 Polish airmen and airwomen were serving in Britain.

Source: thenews.pl