Deputy FM Jan Dziedziczak visits Ireland

The meeting with the Polish community and representatives of the Irish authorities were the highlights of Deputy Minister Jan Dziedziczak’s visit to Dublin. The agenda covered mainly the issues of the Polish diaspora in Ireland.

Deputy Minister Jan Dziedziczak and the Irish Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development Joe McHugh stressed excellent quality of Polish-Irish bilateral relations. A key to these relations is strong Polish community in Ireland. “Poland takes great stake in introducing Polish language teaching in Irish secondary schools,” emphasized the deputy minister at the Irish MFA.

The deputy minister held a number of meetings with the representatives of diverse Polish community circles. Among them were the authorities of the Polish Social and Cultural Association and Irish Polish Society, as well as the representatives of education, media, clergy and scouts. The governmental policy for the Polish community abroad was discussed, along with present issues and needs of Poles in Ireland. Spotlight was put on education and bolstering Polish involvement in public life. “In the first quarter of 2017 we will set up a Consular Call Centre for Poles living in Ireland and Great Britain. It will facilitate access to consular information,” announced the deputy minister further on.

The visit was crowned by a lecture held by the deputy minister in the Countess  Markiewicz Historical Club. “The Polish community abroad can count on the support of the Polish authorities. Our policy in this regard is and will be implemented not only for the Polish community, but first and foremost with the participation of the Polish community,” elaborated the deputy minister during the lecture. “Notwithstanding, we will encourage Poles to come back home if they want to pursue their professional and personal objectives in Poland, capitalizing on the experiences gathered abroad. We want to assist them to make their return fully successful,” he added.

Source: MFA Press Office