Let us judge Trump by his deeds

According to the majority of experts commenting on the results of the elections in the United States, the presidency of Donald Trump will be based on slogans that appeared during the Republican candidate’s election campaign. The future direction of U.S. foreign policy remains a big question mark.

Tomasz Smura, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Donald Trump wants to introduce a very strict immigration policy. He will strive to remove all illegal immigrants who have committed crimes on the territory of the United States and he hopes to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. With regards to foreign policy we still do not know what we can expect from Trump. He sometimes has crazy ideas. For example, he has spoken of equipping South Korea and Japan with nuclear weapons. Moreover, he has often expressed his willingness to seek an agreement with Russia. But when it comes to the processes of globalisation, the new president of the United States openly opposes them. He claims that they are disadvantageous because jobs are being moved from the U.S. to Asia and South America. However, the truth is that the United States gains from globalization. Trump is a media personality. He didn’t run according to an election programme, instead he used catchy slogans. He made great use of social media platforms, which was his strong side. This is why he won the presidential election.


Prof. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Institute of World Politics in Washington

New arrivals to the United States always tended to vote for the Democrats, because they were the ones that promised them the most. The exception turned out to be representatives of nations that had been subjugated by the Communist regime, who in turn chose the Republicans.

In the United States there are two ways of encouraging people to vote for the conservatives. Usually one needs to bribe them with the pork barrel, that is copy the Democrats. The second way is through a drastic reduction in immigration and naturalization and the introduction of stringent conditions, which as a result require a good knowledge of the language and history of the United States. At the moment this is an issue that has been completely ignored. Democrats hoped that the atomized crowd of immigrants from Third World countries would remain their clientele forever, in the context of a steadily expanding welfare state. And that this would be the key to permanent control of the United States together a coalition of political capitalists and LGBT circles. Nothing lasts forever, however, because the welfare state will eventually go bankrupt and will have nothing to bribe the immigrants with, and the natives will reorder things in a drastic way.

The election of Donald Trump will signify a continuation of policies. Each new president inherits the policies of his predecessor and does the same due to the forces of inertia. It is only after some time, usually slowly, that a shift takes place. With regards to international affairs, Trump is attacking amongst others the United Nations as an anti-national and globalist creation, reliant on taxpayer’s money. When it comes to NATO, the new president doesn’t reject the idea of the Alliance, he merely criticizes member states that do not live up to their treaty promises, that is contributing to the common budget. Donald Trump does not include Poland in this criticism as Poles are doing everything that is required of them. Trump’s victory was a result of Americans – similar to Poles, Hungarians and the British – having enough of globalization, multiculturalism and other liberal proposals.

Dr. Marcin Terlikowski, PISM:

Above all, Donald Trump will be focused on U.S. internal policy, which will take up his time and discourage him from becoming involved with the problems facing Europe. Trump will approach American alliances in a businessmanlike fashion. Washington will do less to assist Europe in fighting Islamic terrorism, expecting the Europeans to undertake independent interventions in conflict-ridden countries in North Africa and the Middle East, thereby relieving the burden carried by the U.S. Donald Trump could also seek to improve relations with Russia through a new agreement, for example regarding the installation of missile defense, such as the one in Poland, in Redzikowo near Slupsk. However, this will only be possible when the Kremlin stops provoking the United States, which is not likely.


Marcin Roszkowski, Director of the Jagiellonian Institute:

Donald Trump opposes policies based on green energy and does not believe in global warming. He supports the mining of fossil fuels. He has announced that he will strive to increase their extraction in the United States, which will protect the energy independence of the USA. In doing so he gained the votes of people from the oil industry and mining. The victory of the Republican candidate is also due to the fact that a large number of young left-wing voters, who in the primaries of the Democratic Party voted for the socialist Bernie Sanders, decided not to take part in the elections because they did not want to vote for Hillary Clinton as she is identified with the various scandals.


Mark P. Jones, an expert at the Baker Institute and a lecturer at Rice University in Houston:

Alongside Trump’s victory in the presidential elections, the Republicans also gained a majority in both houses of Congress, ie. the Senate and House of Representatives. The elections to Congress took part on the same day as the presidential election. Therefore Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party will have to reckon with the reluctance by the Republicans to open U.S. borders to Latino immigrants. If the Democrat candidate had triumphed in Tuesday's election, the country’s foreign policy would have become more aggressive – with increased activity by American troops abroad, especially with regards to the air force in Syria and the Navy in South China Sea. In addition, we expect a continuation of Barack Obama’s policies against drug trafficking as well as a rise in joint efforts by U.S. and Mexican officials on the southern border. However, due to the tense relations of the new president with his Mexican counterpart it is hard to say what the position of the new resident of the White House will be.


Clare M. Lopez, a security expert at the Centre for Security Policy:
One should believe that the new president will comply with the Constitution of the United States, that he will listen to Americans and to the opinion of the justice structures and lead to a vote on the so-called second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It seeks to provide every citizen with the right to personal defence, that is the possession of weapons. The president must understand that the sovereignty of the country depends on its sealed borders and law enforcement, which is why the focus should be put on regulating issues concerning illegal immigrants and deportation procedures. The United States will not survive without sealed borders, respect for civil rights and well-functioning institutions. The first task of the White House, however, will be to recognize global Islam as the most powerful enemy of public safety. Also essential will be to develop a national security strategy, leading to the neutralizing of jihadists.

gpc.png Source: Gazeta Polska Codziennie