Polish FM’s interview for RIA Novosti

In the interview with RIA Novosti, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski discussed the conflict in Ukraine, gas supplies, and US sanctions against Russia.

Minister Waszczykowski said he hoped to meet his Russian counterpart during the forthcoming UN General Assembly session and to cooperate and engage in a dialogue in the UN Security Council when Poland becomes its non-permanent member in 2018-2019. “I expect Mr Lavrov to take the decision to discuss UN issues, and then bilateral topics with me,” underscored the MFA chief.

Commenting on the tightened US sanctions recently imposed on Russia, in particular the ones that relate to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, the minister said that Poland supports the US actions. Poland’s top diplomat opined that both the Nord Stream 1 construction and the planned construction of Nord Stream 2 are targeting European solidarity, threatening energy stability and security of one part of Europe and, for this reason, Poland is against them. “We do not agree with what many European politicians claim, namely that this is primarily a business project. It is not. It is a political project,” he added.

When asked about a possible contract for American gas supplies, Minister Waszczykowski pointed out that “we are inclined to import gas from the United States on terms that are competitive as compared to gas from other sources, such as, Qatar or Russia.”

When asked about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the MFA chief opined that in reality this conflict was provoked by Moscow’s aggression. The minister went on to say that “there is no such thing as a Ukrainian crisis, there is Russian aggression against Ukraine. Russia sent its troops to occupy Crimea.”

During the interview, the project to renovate the Museum of the Former Nazi Death Camp in Sobibór was raised. Commenting on the fact that Russia was not allowed to take part in the Museum’s modernization, the head of Polish diplomacy remarked that it is an international initiative and that decisions concerning it are not only taken by Poland. Thus Russia should submit its remarks to all the project’s participants. 

Source: Poland MFA/RIA Novosti