UK & US have a moral obligation

“If you don’t agree with their every wish, you will have to deal with interference in your domestic affairs, with threats and intimidations from the European Commission,” said Daniel Kawczyński, a British MP, in an interview with wPolityce.pl during the Antonina and Jan Żabinski Award ceremony.

Żabiński Awards wPolityce.pl: In your speech you mentioned war reparations which the Germans should pay Poland. Why do you believe that Poland should seek them?

Daniel Kawczyński: I believe that Poland should fight for reparations because Bierut’s, Gomułka’s, Gierek’s and Jaruzelski’s governments were illegal and acted under the influence of communist Russia. They did not represent the Polish people so they had no right to sign any agreements with the Germans. If we think about how Warsaw was totally destroyed and about the millions of Poles who were killed, then the time has come to fight for it. The United States and the United Kingdom have to help Poland. We signed the Yalta agreements which resulted in subjecting Poland to the communists’ tyrannical regime for fifty years. I talked to US congressmen present here who agree with me that the United Kingdom and the United States have a moral obligation to support Poland’s bid for reparations for the losses it suffered during the war.

Do you believe we have a chance to receive such reparations?

I have visited Polish parliament today where Deputy Arkadiusz Mularczyk showed me a document drafted by lawyers that indicates what options are available to Poland. We should take the case to international courts and if the Germans refuse to pay reparations, then the case should end up in the International Court of Justice.

Can we be sure that you will fight for this case as a member of British Parliament?

Yes, absolutely! During a debate in British Parliament on Polish-British relations which I started, one of my colleagues told me a very important thing. He said that the signing of the Yalta agreements represented one of the blackest moments in the history of our nation. We signed them after many years of war, thinking that it was the best solution for Europe. We see how unfair they were and what were their consequences for Poland and how it suffered. It isn’t just about losses and destruction caused by war, Poland and the Polish economy had been destroyed by communism for fifty years.

The British no longer have a problem that affects our country. The problem is called the European Commission, which wants to exert an impact on our country’s political situation and threatens us with fines for not accepting migrants, among others.

You will have this problem as long as you are a member of the European Union. If you don’t agree with their every wish, you will have to deal with interference in your domestic affairs, threats and intimidations from the European Commission. And the Commission is a body that was not democratically elected. They expect you to take part in the so-called relocation of immigrants and that you accept their demands concerning the Constitutional Tribunal and the Polish judicial system. These decisions are for the Poles to take. When the Germans talk to you about a common European policy they are at the same time constructing Nord Stream to transport gas from Russia to Germany by sidestepping Poland and undermining Polish energy security.

These problems do not concern you anymore. Why are you leaving the EU?

We are leaving the European Union because we are tired of interference in our domestic affairs. The Polish economy is developing at a great pace, and we are leaving the EU, which will deprive Brussels of a large part of its budget. In five or ten years’ time, Poland will become a net payer into the EU budget. Polish politicians who will be spending the Polish taxpayers’ money will have to think about whether remaining in the EU is in the interest of their country. For Poland the most important thing is security and power that NATO can give. I am campaigning in British Parliament for permanent presence of NATO troops east of Warsaw. The Germans don’t want NATO bases there. This is very bad. We have to strengthen our force through the North Atlantic Alliance. Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Great Britain, Canada and the United States will never become part of the European Union and they are a crucial element of our joint defence capabilities. It is because of this that the biggest threat to Polish security comes from German and French ideas to create a single European army. This would be a catastrophe.

Source: wpolityce.pl