Polish state acquires Czartoryski art collection

The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage on Thursday signed an agreement finalising the purchase of an art collection that includes Leonardo da Vinci's painting Lady with an Ermine.

Polish deputy PM and Culture Minister Piotr Glinski representing the State Treasury on Thursday signed an agreement with Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski and the Czartoryski Foundation on the purchase of 86,000 museum objects and 250,000 library items.

The deal also covers claims concerning movables from the collection that were lost during World War II.

"Today in free Poland we have fulfilled the will of Princess Czartoryska that the collection of the Czartoryski princes ... become not only the spiritual but the actual property of the nation", Glinski said during the ceremony.

The most famous pieces in the newly acquired collection include Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci, Landscape with the Good Samaritan by Rembrandt and drawings by Auguste Renoir.

Source: PAP