Lewandowski enters Poland’s rich list

Over a dozen took over their parents’ businesses. Some were given start-up capital. One worked as a bouncer in an American casino. Another could have easily ended up as a volleyball rather than a football player. At some point, all decided to become businessmen.

There is a misleading belief doing the rounds that whoever failed to start making money in the wild nineties has no chance of making a fortune today. We intend to prove that the opportunities are there, even in today’s times. Suffice to mention Piotr Szulczewski, our richest debutant – he created a company valued at USD 3.5 billion over six years. Another example is that of the founders of Vivid Games, who close our ranking. They are relatively easy to evaluate. Robert Lewandowski is a tougher nut to crack.

We tried to calculate the fortune he could have amassed upon leaving Borussia Dortmund for Bayern Munich. His Borussia contract expired in mid-2014. Let us assume that he had then collected one half of his remuneration (EUR 3.5 million) from Dortmund, the other half (approximately EUR 5.25 million) from Munich. In 2015 and 2016, he collected regular payments per season, i.e. a total of EUR 21 million for two years. He was also given a bonus for moving to Munich – EUR 15 million. The total of his club salaries is therefore around the PLN 180 million mark.

Football aside, advertising and commercial revenues should also be considered. Major campaigns featuring Robert Lewandowski have included Coca-Cola, Head & Shoulders, Vistula, T-Mobile, Huawei, and Gillette. Marketing experts estimate that Robert may be collecting PLN 600,000 to PLN 2,500,000 per campaign. An educated guess places six serious campaigns at PLN 9.6 million. That’s commercials done with – let us move to real estate. While he was still with Borussia, the media were going berserk about his Dortmund villa worth PLN 4 million. His Munich residence is allegedly worth PLN 10 million. He purchased a Warsaw-based apartment at 44, Złota Street this year, with prices at the property ranging from PLN 1.4 million for a two-room flat to PLN 11 million for the largest luxury apartments.

Let us average the price out again, and assume he spent approximately PLN 6 million on the deal. Lewandowski’s Mazurian log home in Stanclewo on Lake Jełmuń, potentially worth over one million PLN, should considered as well. The value of the real estate we know of totals an approximate PLN 21 million, while the cars are difficult to keep up with. He has been seen in a Maserati Granturismo Sport (worth around PLN 700,000), a Mercedes CL 63 AMG (PLN 706,000), a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (PLN 1.4 million) and a Bentley Continental GT speed convertible (PLN 1.1 million).

The churn rate is so high, we have decided to skip the cars. It is common knowledge that Lewandowski holds shares in the RL Management real estate company. He also purchased some shares in the Protos Venture Capital Fund specialising in start-up investments. Add to that fifty percent of the shares in LS Investments, a company building apartments in the Warsaw district of Ochota. What did the other heroes build their fortune on?

Robert Lewandowski (28)

PLN 211 million

His main talent obviously lies in kicking a ball, and making money in the process. Evaluating Lewandowski was the toughest nut to crack, because we could only base it on what the media has reported. Our appraisal places him somewhere between the media publication value, estimated by Pentagon Research at approximately PLN 132 million, and his transfer value assessed by the website Transfermarkt at just under PLN 315 million. (...)

Szymon Krawiec

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