A tree villa or glamping Polish-style

Glamping, that is glamorous camping, has reached Poland for good. Exclusive campsites and hotels in the treetops are popping up in the country’s most beautiful regions for those yearning for close contact with nature as well as luxury. Although holidays are coming to an end, it is worth planning the next vacation today. Some Polish glamping sites are booked months in advance!

Glamping (coined from the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’) accommodations have little to do with the classic tent camping. Their interiors bring to mind Kara Mustafa’s fabulous tents.

The trend, which has been popular in the West for a few years, has also been thriving in Poland, which is why glamping offers something of interest not only for those who love nature and style, but also western aficionados (for whom there are stylishly furnished teepees in Lesser Poland), fans of the Middle Earth (they can stay at elegant versions of hobbit houses made of clay in the Podkarpacie region) or enthusiasts of the atmosphere of the Mongolian steppes (which are recreated right in the heart of the Kashubia region). Those who love the traditions and designs of the Polish countryside will surely enjoy its luxury version straight from Masuria. People who still dream of a tree house can make the dream come true in a glamourous style in Naleczow in the Lublin region. And those who wake up in a luxury spherical tent to see the sun rising behind the peaks of the Tatra Mountains will surely feel they are walking on air.

In a tent in Masuria

Glendoria is the oldest glamping in Poland but nevertheless it invariably ranks high among the most interesting tourist accommodations in the country. Located in Lukta in Masuria, this resort offers accommodation in spacious and comfortable rooms in outbuildings from the 1930s. The resort’s most interesting feature, however, are huge tents, set up at a safe distance from the buildings, offering guests privacy. They may look inconspicuous, but the tents are, like rooms in a four-star hotel, equipped with designer furniture and appliances. Next to each tent there is a hearth and a unique outdoor spa near the campsite, located on a hill in a pine forest. Arranged all over the place are hammocks and sofas, where guests can lounge and watch herons, storks, cranes, ravens and hawks that live in the area. Those who prefer active leisure pursuits will not get bored thanks to kayaks, bikes and swimming pools available on the spot, and most of all thanks to the beautiful surroundings which are interesting to explore due to Masuria’s natural as well as cultural values.

Spa in Glendoria glamping-namiot_3-a-large.jpg



Up in the trees in the Lublin region

A stay in Hornbeam, Thuya, Fir Tree or Pine – the apartments at ‘W Drzewach’ (Up in the trees) resort in Naleczow is a perfect choice for those who still dream of a tree house. The resort consists of wooden, partially glazed houses put up among trees, at 2 - 4 metres above the ground. Their interiors feature elegant bathrooms and furniture, as well as book collections that boast works by the greatest writers of world literature in Polish and English. The houses are also equipped with… binoculars! If the very contact with the greenery and numerous birds living in the trees is not enough to free their minds, guests can use the forest spa that is located in one of the ‘holes’ and offers a sauna and a wide range of beauty treatments. To make the stay even more enjoyable, the resort hosts also offer guests forest trips – tracking dendrological curiosities or tree climbing under the watchful eye of instructors, as well as woodcarving workshops. Every year Naleczow hosts international hot air balloon competitions thanks to which the sky above the resort takes on more colours. Those who love to get off the ground to have some fun will find here plenty of attractions.

W Drzewach W Drzewach

W Drzewach W Drzewach

Under the sky in the Tatras

Near Bukowina Tatrzanska and in close proximity to the Tatra National Park there is Tatra Glamp Luxury Camping – an exclusive campsite where guests can spend the night under one of four spherical domes. All the domes meet the standards of a four-star hotel, and are equipped with comfortable furniture, electric stoves and air conditioning. The resort is surrounded by cross-country running trails and cycling routes, with a horse stud, spa and ski stations nearby. The greatest advantage of the domes, however, are their panoramic windows which offer breathtaking views of the majestic Tatra Mountains.

Tatra Glamp Tatra Glamp

Tatra Glamp Tatra Glamp