Tourists travelling to and within Poland are offered various forms of accommodation, from major global hotel chains to small family owned guest houses. Young people tend to prefer hostels or basic accommodation, such as chalets in the mountains, which are budget-friendly, more social and offer the opportunity to meet young travellers from all over the world. In towns popular among tourists it is increasingly common to rent a flat for a couple of days.

In recent years, agri-tourism – whereby rooms or small chalets are offered by farms holdings in villages and small towns – has been gaining in popularity in Poland. It is not uncommon for the guests to share a bathroom with the hosts or eat homemade meals prepared by them. An increasing number of tourists appreciate this kind of accommodation. Unfortunately this group of tourists does not have at their disposal a uniform internet database compiling all offers. There are a few websites which assist travellers with finding the type of accommodation that they are looking for.

In the summer season (August and September) one can also choose accommodation on camp sites and where it is possible to pitch tents. They are situated in every voivodship, close to bike trails, kayaking routes, in the mountains and by the lakes, and even in large cities. An increasing number of sites are open for tourists traveling in comfortable campers.

In the mountains you will find dozens of mountain shelters and hostels which are open throughout the year, and in the summer you can try out student huts and tent sites managed by various mountain associations. The latter can offer quite spartan conditions, but they won’t cost you much and their climate is often very agreeable.


Other Information


In 2003, power in Poland was adapted to the EU standards – today there is 230 V current in sockets. Sockets used in Poland are marked as 2P+Z (two current paths + the so-called grounding, or contact). Circular pins are used in Polish sockets as grounding. When travelling to Poland, it is good to remember to take an adapter that will adapt the plugs of devices into the slots in hotels or private houses.

Units of Measure

The metric system is applied in Poland. The basic units of measurement is the International System of Units (SI), and thus include: 1 metre (1m = 100 cm), 1 kilogram (1 kg = 100 g), 1 second.

A common method for determining the temperature is is the Celsius scale (degrees C). Atmospheric pressure is given in hectopascals (hP) or in millimetres of mercury. Speed ​​is measured in kilometres per hour (km/h).

Time Zone

In the winter, i.e. from the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March, Poland falls under the Central European Time Zone, that is CET (UCT +1). On the last Sunday of March, we set our clocks to daylight saving time, 1 hour forward in relation to the CET time (UCT +2).