City transport and taxis

Poland’s major cities feature well-functioning networks of municipal transport tconsisting of buses. Warsaw also boasts two metro lines. City transport will take you to your destination quickly and comfortably.

In order to use public transport in cities, you must have a single ticket (for example a 20 minute-ticket) or a season ticket (valid for two weeks or a month). People seventy years of age or over are entitled to free travel on Warsaw’s busses, trams and metro; if requested, they only have to present a document with their date of birth.

In most cities you can also take a taxi. The range of taxi companies is usually wide, but may vary depending on how big a given city is. You may call a taxi or simply get into a car with special signs. Before you begin your journey, make sure to confirm the fare with the driver. In popular tourist destinations, near airports and railway stations you are likely to pay more for a taxi if you hail it down on the street rather than phone for it. The average fare in Warsaw is 2.5 zlotys (or 0.55 euros) per kilometre, but you must allow for an initial charge of approx. 6 zlotys (1.5 euros).