Beer Museum

Modern interactive Żywiec Brewery Museum takes the visitors on a fascinating journey into the past of one of the earliest and the most famous beer factories in Poland, whose history dates back 150 years.

The Żywiec Brewery Museum is located in the former beer storage cellars, carved in solid rock. In its rooms, the visitors learn the traditional method of brewing beer. However, watching this exhibition has little to do with sightseeing in a traditional sense.

You can touch almost everything here, and a mandatory element is tasting. 


Tourists are taken in a remarkable journey through time with a vehicle with vibrating floor and glittering lights, which takes them back to 1881, right on the nineteenth-century Galician street, where they can hear the din of passers-by and the clatter of horseshoes. At the end of the street, there is an inn, where you can sit on a bench and enjoy the atmosphere of the past. The innkeeper with a moustache will definitely take the order.

Anyway, after leaving this modern, interactive museum, each guest will be offered a glass of golden beer.