Seven medals for Polish inventors at the invention exhibition in Moscow

Polish engineers and scientists brought six gold medals and one silver medal from the 22nd Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon ARCHIMEDES 2019.

The 22nd Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon ARCHIMEDES 2019 took place on March 26-29.

The promotional agency INVENTOR, the organizer of the Polish stand, informed about the success of the Polish inventors in the press release sent to PAP. Seven innovative solutions developed by research institutes and universities were presented. They won six gold medals and one silver medal in the 42 themed competitions.

The gold medals were awarded to solutions from the New Chemical Synthesis Institute in Puławy (the solution called "Installation for supercritical extraction of plant material with carbon dioxide"), the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice ("Low temperature pyrolysis method of processing WEEE waste"), the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw ("Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical for imaging of infections, method of its production and application"), the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz ("Crusher for plastics" and "Rollers for spastic hand with limited opening movement") and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń ("The method of obtaining a biological preparation of fungal origin that accelerates degradation polymeric materials and the biological preparation").

The silver medal was awarded to the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw for the solution "ILR-33 +Amber+ rocket as a system of inventions and an innovative platform for experimental research in reduced gravity conditions".

The Archimedes exhibition in Moscow is one of the largest and most famous international events of this type. Over the years, the organizers have developed a great reputation and brand, which is why the event is visited by global experts from various industries.

500 inventions from 22 countries were presented at this year`s edition of the exhibition. The event attracted inventors from Russia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India, China, Macau, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

According to the INVENTOR agency, the Moscow exhibition was a great success for participants from Poland. "In addition to prestigious prizes, participants had several interesting business talks that could potentially result in the sale of products and technologies as well as scientific and technical cooperation" - reads the press release.

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